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Goat delivers mono-eyed kid in Lugari

Residents of Marula village in Marakusi sub location in Lugari Sub County have been left in bewilderment after a goat delivered a one-eyed kid.
The kid goat belonging to Catherine Wasula, neither had eyelids nor nostrils and the lone eye was situated in the middle of the forehead.
“The goat delivered on Monday while in the grazing field and upon seeing the deformed kid the goat herd and his friend took off in fright,” said Ms. Wasula.
She said she had ignored the advice of fellow villagers who wanted her to abandon the abnormal kid to die on its own and instead took it home adding she was ready to take care of the goat until maturity.
The farmer said that she has never encountered such an oddity in the last 15 years she has been keeping goats.
The incident has attracted the attention of curious villagers who have been visiting the home in large numbers to view the deformed creature with some superstitious ones associating the abnormal creature with bad omen.
Lugari Sub County Animals Production Officer Zachariah Mwaniki said the deformity is genetical.
He said the she-goat might have fallen sick during the gestation period and was not treated properly thus resulting in genetic mutation. Bizarre

By Sammy Mwibanda

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