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Google My Business

Elderly  farmers  in Njoro have embraced technology that they use in marketing their products in order to sidestep the  exploitative middlemen who buy their products at throw away prices.

The  Google  Specialist Skills Trainer, Joseph Aluka, said it was paramount for farmers to be trained on how to create their own  websites through ‘Google My Business’ application which is easy to create and accessible by cellphone.

Aluka  said  the average age of farmers in Njoro just like many places in the country, was 60 years and since they are experienced in farming business, they ought to be brought up to the level of the current business world, which has gone  digital.

He  was  speaking on Tuesday during a training of farmers at Njoro, near Egerton University.

“Technology  is  actually the current language of the world and any adult or child can be taught because the smart cell phones have put the world and the market at our fingertips,’’ he said.

The  Chairperson of the elderly farmers, Julius Wachira said they were amazed at the endless possibilities of technology, including selling directly to supermarkets from their cell phones.

Wachira  said they have been exploited by middlemen, who for too long have been purchasing their products for a song but  sell them at exorbitant prices to the consumers.

‘’The  greatest impediment of Njoro farmers is the marketing of their crops, milk and poultry products, but now with Google  My Business application, we are sure of creating a relationship between producers and consumers,’’ stated Wachira.

Aluka  said the training would be carried out countrywide and farmers would be trained not just on marketing but new  technologies on poultry keeping, dairy farming, piggery and vegetable growing.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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