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Government and Red Cross donate foods to flood victims in Bomet

Bomet County government has embarked on an exercise to identify families affected by floods in Chepalungu sub-county and at the same time rolled out food donations to help affected victims.

Authorities reported that over 700 people and families from about forty homes steads were forced to vacate their homes to safe places after the floods overran Chepalungu.

To help victims, the Kenya Red Cross, county and national governments have distributed items including kitchen sets, mosquito nets, sleeping mats, blankets, barsoaps and aquatabs (water purifying tablets) and 20 litre-jerry cans of water.

Mr Cheruiyot Baliach, chairman of the Red Cross’ Bomet branch, said that with the ongoing rains, a sharp rise in the number of victims was likely.

“The area is experiencing a shower of rain which has increased over the weekend and we are expecting a sharp rise in the number of the victims, we are urging our people to move to more safe areas to avoid loss of lives,” explained Baliach.

“There is a need for surveillance by public health officers so that mitigation measures are taken to curb spread of diseases and avert loss of lives. The victims also require psychosocial support,” Baliach said.

Ms Ruth Cherop, a mother of seven, said she was displaced on Thursday night following a heavy downpour, and that her property was destroyed leaving her in dire need situation.

“We moved what we could to a higher ground. The bedding was submerged in water along with other property. My mud-walled house has extensively been damaged and cannot be repaired until the rains subside,” said the resident of Leldet village

Leldet, Bingwa, Chelelach and Masindoni villages of Siongiroi ward are the most hit villages by floods that flashed the area over the weekend.

By Lamech Willy

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