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Government announces plans to open more Huduma centres

The government plans to enhance service delivery by opening more Huduma centres.

Huduma Kenya CEO, Ben Kai Chilumo said this is enshrined in their vision to decentralise further to the sub-county levels having already 52 operational Huduma centres and the Molo one will be the 5th at the sub-county level once done.

In reference to the Huduma mashinani initiative that is conducted at least ten times a year, he said that once the sub-county offices are operational, it will ease the financial burden that comes with conducting this program.

“Our team reaches out to the locals in the rural setting through the Huduma mashinani initiative but it is an expensive affair thus the need to have more stakeholders and partners come onboard to strengthen service delivery,” said Kai.

He further revealed that this move comes after the public across the country made suggestions to have the centres closer to them due to the expenses incurred when in need of a government service and thus more centres will be coming up at the sub-county level.

“We are interested in constructing a Huduma centre not only in Molo sub-county but also other sub-counties in a bid to help alleviate the difficulties faced by the locals and those in the neighbouring towns when in need of access to any of the government services, ” noted Kai.

Such according to the CEO will go a long way in saving time and the expenses spent by locals to get the services from the city.

The CEO said establishment of Huduma centres is aimed at helping Kenyans understand how to benefit from government services especially the 5,000 government digitised services.

“Our officers must tell Kenyans how to serve themselves with ease straight from their phones without requiring any help from a government office. Our interest is to deepen access of government services as well as be a conduit for feedback on how the government can serve Kenyans better,” he said.

Kai was speaking at Molo DCC’s office during a site visit to identify an area where the centre will be constructed.

 By Emily Kadzo 


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