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Government assures artisans of payment

The government has assured artisans who were awarded tenders to make desks for both primary and secondary schools that it will pay for all deliveries.
Speaking during the inspection of the new desks project at Tuwan girls’ secondary school in Kitale Wednesday, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha at the same time asked artisans to work within the timelines and deliver the desks before re-opening of schools in January.
Magoha said that the desks should be in schools before January to allow schools mitigate against the spread of Covid 19.
“All those who have already delivered the desks will be paid by Monday next week,” he said.
Trans Nzoia had awarded the tenders to 124 local artisans in an effort to provide opportunities to local carpenters
At least 39 schools in Trans Nzoia county have already received the desks with a total of 2,350 desks delivered.
The county delivery desk percentage for primary schools is at 35.80% while secondary schools are at 22%.
The government used local workshop in its economic stimulus programme to purchase desks for needy primary and secondary schools.
The aim was to improve the source of income for those who are very low in opportunity in making money especially during this period of Covid 19.
Trans Nzoia awarded tenders for over 5,250 desks for primary schools and 5,050 for secondary schools.
The programme targeted women, youths and people living with disability on condition that they have the capacity to make the desks at sh. 3,800 for secondary schools and 2,500 for primary schools.
At least 101 secondary schools and 75 primary schools in the county benefited from the programme.

By Pauline Ikanda

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