Friday, September 22, 2023
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Government distributes relief food

The government has today distributed 400 bags of rice and 160 bags of beans to 87 distribution centres in Ijara Sub County, Garissa County.

Chairing the Sub County steering group meeting at his Masalani boardroom, Ijara Deputy County Commissioner Willy Cheboi said the government has distributed 400 bags of rice and 160 bags of beans to the drought stricken families in Ijara sub County of Garissa County.

He instructed chiefs and their assistants with the help of distribution centre committees to be fair and give the food to the needy beneficiaries including orphans, poor widow, people living with disabilities and elderly people who cannot fend for themselves.

Mr Cheboi commended the government for drought mitigation measures noting that relief food support, despite being scarce is better than nothing.

He challenged the community members who are able to support the vulnerable people around them, noting that mosque imams can provide mitigating measures to counter ongoing drought affecting residents.

The DCC added they have also given part of the food to Alfurqan Orphanage Centre and people living with HIV/Aids at Masalani sub County hospital.

By Mohamed Dahir

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