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Government embarks on digitisation programme to expand employment opportunities

The Government has embarked on digitisation programmes across all the social and economic sectors aimed at expanding employment and economic opportunities in the country.
Labour and Social Protection CS Simon Chelugui said the targeted digitisation efforts at financial services, health, entertainment and transportation among others are aimed at creating efficiency to generate and expand job opportunities.
Speaking during a virtual roundtable ILO, ITU, AU conference on Joint Programme on Boosting Decent Jobs and Enhancing Skills for Youth in Africa’s Digital Economy in Mombasa Thursday, Chelugui said that the public and private sector decision makers in Kenya, like their counterparts across the world, are seeking to accelerate digitisation of the economy by increasing the number of young women and men who possess digital skills.
The CS observed that Kenya boasts of success stories in the promotion and growth of the digital economy through the Ajira Digital Programme executed by the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs.
He said that the Ajira Digital program seeks to promote Kenya as a competitive labour market destination for the multinational companies and the local public sector players.
The program provides support and interventions on access to training and mentorship, provision of digital devices and internet connectivity and awareness creation to prepare young people for online employment.
The CS noted that the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has developed the Kenya Labour Market Information System (KLMIS), an interactive web-based Labour Market Information System (LMIS) as a one-stop shop for all the labour market information in Kenya.
“This system is designed to provide timely and accurate labour market information to the youth such as occupations and skills in high demand and the future skills requirements in various sectors and pathways for career progression that will enhance their employability,” he said.
Mr Chelugui said the intervention is supported through periodic Job Opportunity Analysis (JOA) and development of Job Opportunity Indices (JOI), adding that the government also plans to reach out to youth through job placements, career guidance and counselling.

By David Korir

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