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Government moves to control worms infestation

More than 63,000 residents of Chekalini and Chevaywa wards have been targeted for deworming campaign in Lugari Sub County.

The area Public Health Officer Bramwel Wanyonyi said the four-day campaign is aimed at giving out deworming tablet to everyone above one year, in a move to control further spread of worm infestation in the affected areas.

Wanyonyi said the two wards in Lugari were picked after Public Health Study indicated worms’ infection rate at two percent, which is the highest according to health officials’ ratings.

“We narrowed to Chekalini and Chevaywa wards because our research showed two percent worms prevalence rate which is the highest in our ratings,” he said.

He told residents to expect officers from Public Health who will be administering deworming tablet in a door-to-door campaign, which will run from Friday 15th to Monday 19th December this year.

The Public Health Officer asked residents in the targeted wards to cooperate with the Public Health officials, because the deworming tablet is safe and will help in controlling further spread of worms’ infestation in the area.

The Sub-County Public Health official who was speaking from his office Thursday at Lugari Sub-County Referral Hospital also revealed that deworming campaign has been sponsored by the National Government and AMREF.

“Our deworming tablet is safe to fight worms in our bodies, let us cooperate for the success of the campaign,” Wanyonyi said.

He said worms cause discomforts among school going children for instances itching in some parts of the body.

Wanyonyi also revealed that worms lead to stunted growth, among the children if not treated early.

He also blamed worms for causing intestinal blockage which may result in intestinal operation as way of treating the affected person.

In order to prevent huge worms’ treatment bills, Wanyonyi asked the residents Chekalini and Chevaywa to take free deworming tablet as remedy to avoid future complications.

By Geoffrey Satia

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