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Government Officials seek New Strategy to Curb Covid-19 Spread

Homa Bay County Health Department Headquarters offices have been closed down after five senior officials tested positive of Covid-19 virus as the county records 46 new Covid-19 cases.

The County Health Administrator, Ely Odhiambo, announced yesterday, the closure of the offices for one week after senior officials were confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus.

“We have closed down the offices for one week to reduce chances of further spread of Covid-19 at the department’s headquarters.” Odhiambo affirmed.

Among the officials who were diagnosed with the virus are those bestowed with policy making responsibilities in the department but are now battling Covid-19 at various health facilities.

In a statement to journalists, Odhiambo said they are planning to commence with the fumigation exercise of the offices to make the environment Covid-19 free.

“Our staff will undergo tests for Covid-19 before they can be allowed back to resume duties,” the Administrator added.

This comes at a time when the County is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 infections where it was ranked second nationally after Nairobi in positivity rate on Monday with 46 confirmed positive cases.

Homa Bay County Commissioner, Moses Lilan, attributed the surge to nonconformity of the health regulations of Covid-19 by the people.

He said they are intensifying enforcement of compliance measures to reduce spread of the disease in the County.

The measures include sensitization of the residents and arresting those who are defiant to the set protocols of Covid-19.

Lilan revealed that they are making a new strategy of implementing Covid-19 protocols right from villages across the county by engaging the entire County Government administration officials from Nyumba Kumi to ensure containment measures are adhered to.

“We want our people to understand that the best remedy for Covid-19 is prevention. Let everybody take personal responsibility of protecting themselves against spread of the disease by observing the protocols,” Lilan said.

By Sitna Omar



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