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Government revives Laisamis Youth Empowerment Centre

The government’s determination to offer the thousands of youth and especially graduates with jobs to earn a living has found its way in Laisamis Constituency with the revamping of a youth empowerment centre.

Residents of Laisamis are happy with the government’s decision to revive the empowerment centre situated in the outskirts of Laisamis Township which they expect to address idleness among school leavers and students alike.

County Director of Youth Affairs Arthur Mwangi said the empowerment centre which has been in a state of disuse for a long time had undergone much vandalism.

Mwangi told KNA that the centre with a 60 seating capacity is being refurbished by the Department of Innovation and Youth Affairs at a cost of Sh1.7 million.

The centre also encompasses a computer lab that would not only foster mentorship programs to the youth but enable them to access employment through the Ajira program.

The county director added that the government was committed to addressing the plight of the youth by giving them opportunities and avenues to better their lot.

“Through this platform, the youth will be able to tap into their talent by securing employment in fields like research and digital marketing,” said Mwangi.

He pointed out that youth empowerment centers were meant to stimulate innovation skills among the youth that would also help them start and run small scale businesses by borrowing funds from kitties put in place by the government.

Mwangi said the youth were also being equipped with business expertise through training to enable them secure funding from the Uwezo and Youth Enterprise Fund kitties.

“Those who will be sharp will be able to generate good income and even grow to be employers,” he said.

By Sebastian Miriti

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