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Government rolling out CBET program in tertiary institutions

Parents  and youths have been challenged to change their mindset on Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) from associating it with failures.

With implementation of Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) in tertiary institutions which is parallel to CBC in primary schools, TVET will be a pathway for success in the near future.

The  National Coordinator CBET Implementation, Stanley Maindi said this while addressing a forum at Jeremiah Nyaga Training Institute, adding that one could rise from artisan to professor through the pathway of CBET.

“We are sensitising the parents and youths to have a change in the mindset towards TVET by showing them CBET is now the way to go for success in life,” noted Maindi.

Previously, the coordinator noted the curriculum was run without involving industry sector which resulted to mismatch of skilled manpower and industrial needs.

“However, through CBET, our new curriculum, we are involving industry sector which is guiding us on industrial needs and skills required,” he added.

Maindi  said CBET is demand-driven by what the industry sector needs and centres on what learners could do.

He further said the government is rolling out a work plan on how to implement the CBET by carrying out pilot programme adding that in Mt. Kenya Region, the program is being carried out in Meru, Nyeri and Nyandarua.

Maindi  who was addressing a gathering of tutors from various TVET institutions from Mt. Kenya Region, CBET Champions, said the government has tripled allocation for the TVET to sh23 billion showing its seriousness in the CBET curriculum.

He  said the tertiary education is almost free with capitation being provided by the government and flexible to learners for even those in informal sector have chances of training.

The  Chairman, Mt Kenya Chapter of Kenya Association of TVET and chair Regional CBET implementation committee, Geoffrey Rukunja said the CBC in primary schools level is the foundation for CBET, noting that talents identified at primary level would be sharpened further at TVET level through CBET.

Rukunja noted that unlike the current curriculum which is leading to flooding the market with graduates who were after white collar jobs, through CBET, there would be no flooding of skilled labour.

He said CBET was also providing an opportunity for mobility where skilled manpower could move within East  Africa and Africa in general.

By  Kimani Tirus

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