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Government supports quarantined persons

The Government through the Busia County Commissioner’s office has given food and non-food items to 23 persons living in a quarantine facility at Busia Agricultural Training college.
Speaking after handing over the items to the facility’s manager on Thursday, the County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said that there were challenges in feeding those suspected to be infected with COVID 19.
“We have decided to do this as a temporary measure as we consult with the County government on how to come up with a budget for handling the situation,” he said and added that people cannot be held at the facility without taking care of their basic needs.
Kanyiri said that nutrition is one of the necessary weapons required in combating the effects of coronavirus disease alongside adhering to the Ministry of Health guidelines.
“A number of our clients here are children who have low immunity and their health can easily deteriorate if not well fed,” he said.
He promised to support the facility in the small way possible adding that the major role of leaders is problem solving and decision making.
“We need to have a budget just in case we have a larger number of people spread over the 28 quarantine facilities across the county as we embark on mass testing,” he said urging other leaders to join hands in providing essential items like water and electricity.
The CC warned that those serving quarantine should adhere to the Ministry of Health directives adding that they are not in a holiday camp.
“They must observe social distancing and personal hygiene to avoid the spread of the virus,” he said urging well-wishers to support the initiative.
Kanyiri expressed concern that quite a number of the local residents were disregarding the Ministry of Health directives despite having been sensitized by the National Government administration officers.
“It would be better for them to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines in order to avoid fines or being imprisoned,” he said.
He further advised parents to ensure that their children do not loiter in public places and cautioned women to stop interacting with truck drivers without observing social distance.
Kanyiri urged those who test positive for COVID 19 to willingly disclose other contact persons to avoid further spread of the virus.
“18 of those currently serving quarantine had interacted with one of the victims at the isolation centre and the other five were tested at Matayos area on Monday and found with high temperatures.
Two truck drivers who tested positive for the virus last week are undergoing treatment at Alupe isolation and treatment Centre.
By Salome Alwanda

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