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Government suspends communal circumcision ceremonies

The  government has suspended traditional male circumcision ceremonies in Samburu County until further notice due to fear of spreading coronavirus.

The Samburu Central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Moses Muiruri on Tuesday said that the move is aimed at ensuring that people do not spread the disease from counties that have already reported coronavirus cases across the country.

Muiruri noted that male circumcision in Samburu County is a communal affair where dozens of initiates are congregated in makeshift villages known a ‘Lorora’ where they are circumcised then fed and looked after by the community.

“I hereby order the closure of all lororas in the county and going forward any circumcision should be done at home and not communally,” he said.

The  Samburu central police sub county commander, Alex  Rotich added that those who flout government directives against spread of coronavirus will be arrested and taken to quarantine.

Rotich has urged parents to adhere to the government directive and circumcise their sons at home.

“We have closed all lororas that had been set up and I am warning that those we find inside lororas will be arrested and taken to quarantine as required by government,” he said.

However, a section of the Lukamai clan which is planning to circumcise their boys is opposed to government’s decision of interfering with their culture.

“I think the government is applying double standards, why are people still interacting in public places such as markets yet they are closing down lororas? Posed a resident.

The Lukamai clan which is the last in circumcising boys in the hierarch of Samburu culture has vowed to obey government’s directives among them washing hands with soap and water, wearing masks, keeping social distance if at all they will be given a chance to continue with their traditional ceremony.

By Robert Githu

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