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Government targets to build 10, 000 affordable house units in Murang’a

The government through the affordable housing programme is targeting to build 10, 000 units in Murang’a County within five years.

Currently, the construction of 220 house units at the Makenji site in Kandara constituency is going on with the project expected to be completed by December this year.

Central regional director of affordable housing and markets Albert Muchiri has said by next month, construction of affordable houses will kick off at Kiharu, Kangema, and Maragua constituencies.

He noted in every constituency they are targeting to build more than 200 affordable house units saying the areas have already set land where the projects will be implemented.

“Construction of affordable houses in the Makenji area is going on smoothly and we hope by December the project will be over and people will start occupying the houses. The project sits on 2.5 acres of land which was donated by the county government.

“In Kiharu, the project targeting to have 160 units in the first phase will be done on 1.6 acres of land which belongs to the Ministry of Housing. In the Mitumbiri area of Maragua constituency, 450 units will be constructed on a 4-acre piece of land,” explained Muchiri.

The director speaking during the inauguration of the Murang’a county affordable housing committee, on Tuesday, added that in the Kangema constituency in the first phase, 120 units will be constructed in already identified 2 acres of land.

“In each of the other constituencies we are planning to buy two acres of land and start the first phase of the affordable houses.” he noted.

Muchiri said through the boma yangu portal, residents can register to get the houses once they are completed.

“Residents can register with the boma yangu portal to be considered once the houses are completed. In Makenji there will be 100 two-bedroom units, 60 three-bedroom units, and another 60 one-bedrooms. The price of the houses will range between Sh. 1 million and 3 million,” he stated.

The director underscored the program saying it has been a big source of employment to young people.

“For instance, at the Makenji site, more than 500 workers are engaged daily. There are also those benefiting indirectly like suppliers of building materials, those selling food at the site among others,” he averred.

Murang’a county commissioner Patrick Mukuria on his part asked the locals to support the programme which also involves the construction of modern markets within the county.

“The government is also developing modern markets at Kangari, Muthithi, and Kanyenyaini among other trading centers. These facilities are meant to improve the livelihoods of the residents,” added the commissioner.

Mukuria encouraged residents to apply to own the houses on the e-citizen online platform under boma yangu or short code message *832 # so that they can benefit from affordable housing.

On her part, Murang’a Director of housing Laureen Wasungu called upon local jua kali artisans to take advantage of the housing programme and supply materials like doors, grills, and windows.

The artisans, Wasungu said they have to register with the Department of Small and Micro Enterprises so that they can tender to supply the materials.

“Doors, windows, and other fabricated house fitting items will be sourced locally and we appeal to local jua kali artisans to apply to be considered in supplying the materials,” she added.

By Bernard Munyao and Anita Omwenga

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