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Government to carry out eviction

The government will carry out an operation on Chepchona phase 1 that will see cartels that have caused suffering to genuine land owners flashed out.

            Speaking during a security baraza at Chepchoina on Friday, Trans Nzoia county commissioner Samson Ojwang said that those occupying land that does not belong to them in the government settlement scheme will be evicted and owners given a chance to occupy their land.

            “The government cannot sit and see people it allotted land suffer in the hands of criminals, we are going to carry out an eviction in a months’ time that will see all those who don’t have allotment letters flushed out,” he said.

            According to the County Commissioner, the 1,681 people who were given land by the government under phase 2 programme will be identified by the relevant authorities and land given to them.

            This follows the killing of one person who had gone to check on his farm at the scheme last week.

            We also want to warn those who have been tilting land that does not belong to them that they will be arrested and charged if they will not possess legal documents.

            The county commissioner said that those who wish to lease their land to farmers will be required to have a copy of allotment letters from the owners.

            The government has settled squatters on Chepchoina settlement scheme and title deeds for phase 1 are out and processing for phase two in on going.

            Trans Nzoia police commander Fredrick Ochieng speaking at the same function said that one person has been arrested in connection with the recent killing at the scheme.

            He asked resident to volunteer vital information that may lead to the arrest of criminals who have pushed residents out of their land.

            Meanwhile, residents have attributed lack of security to their hesitant to occupying land at their phase two settlement scheme.

by Pauline Ikanda

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