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Governor Godhana assents climate change bill

Governor Dhadho Godhana has assented into law the Tana River County Climate Change Bill. The county joins other counties which have passed the bill.

The county will align its County Climate Action Plan (CCAP) to the National Climate Action Plan (NCCAP) which is a five-year plan launched in 2018 and lapses next year.

The bill proposes the formation of county and ward climate change steering committees which will be tasked with the implementation of the CCAP.

Governor Godhana said the bill is set to align Tana River with other counties to mitigate the effects of climate change.

He added that the bill will play a pivotal role as the county strives to go green. The county has initiated a plan of tree planting in the proposed eco-villages.

Tana River did not receive adequate rain during the short and long rains seasons and thus was classified to be on the alert drought phase by NDMA.

By Sadik Hassan

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