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Governor Irungu reaffirms commitment to support farmers and local factories

Murang’a County government has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Joy Miller’s Limited, based in Kagio, Kirinyaga County, in which Murang’a maize farmers will be selling their maize to the Millers.

Murang’a Governor Dr. Irungu Kang’ata noted that in the agreement  17,500 farmers from every ward will be recruited, where each ward will have 500 farmers who will be getting certified maize seed and also get subsidies for fertilisers from the county, as a way to boost maize farming in Muranga County.

Dr. Irungu added that the county is targeting 35,000 bags from farmers, buying at Sh 3,500 for a 90-kg bag set at the minimum price.

“Our farmers have been selling their maize at a very low price, but once this programme starts, farmers will benefit from their labour, which is why we have given a minimum guarantee,” he said.

The Governor said his administration is going to help farmers form cooperatives per ward, which will help farmers have a central point where their maize will be collected by targeting each ward’s two aggregation centres.

“It may call to the county government to help farmers join and form co-operatives and buy this; we will have helped even the local factory we have in the county, this will also help them reduce the taking of raw materials outside the county,” Governor Kangata said.

Joy Miller’s Director, Maureen Muthoni Chomba, said that Miller is going to partner with the county government of Muran’ga to provide competent staff who will help educate farmers and enable them to give the best quality as required.

She has also added that they have expressed their gratitude to the Muranga County government.

“We are targeting to promote local farmers as we increase the amount of maize we have been getting locally,” she said.

By David Wandeto 

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