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Governor Kihika assures residents of quality services

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has assured residents of quality services through the staffing of skilled and motivated personnel by the county’s Public Service.

In a press statement today, Kihika however promised crucial changes in the existing administrative structures to better service delivery such as the structuring of the county’s human resource function to be more efficient and responsive to the needs of the workforce.

She outlined measures put in place by her administration which include the evaluation of policies on hiring, retention and promotion of staff members.

Kihika noted there is a need to implement urgently sanction and reward system whereby hardworking staff get rewards, whereas those who continue to draw funds from county coffers without proportionate work input are barred from reaping fortunes without working.

She also vowed to cleanse the payroll system by terminating all ghost workers and offloading the unnecessary burden of seconded staff from the national government.

The governor said she was confident that the over 6,000 county workers have the requisite skills and qualifications adding in the event of unprofessionalism appropriate measures such as hiring of new members and staff training would be taken.

By Elhakim Hussein and Veronica Bosibori

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