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Governor Laboso, 13 women feted by the Government

The immediate former Bomet Governor late Dr. Joyce Laboso has been awarded Purple Ribbon in recognition of her leadership.
The Purple Ribbon Award will be awarded to women leaders who display exemplary leadership, courage, perseverance and resilience while promoting national values of peace, human rights and social equity during their lifetime.
Speaking during the award ceremony held at a Nairobi hotel on Thursday, Public Service, Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary (CS) Prof Margaret Kobia said that the Award will serve as an affirmation to the achievement and leadership of women in promoting national values, peace, human rights and social equity as exemplified by the late Laboso.
“Dr. Joyce Laboso during her life demonstrated that true heroism is not achieved by focusing on ourselves, but by moving beyond the self and doing well for all humanity,” she said.
The inauguration also saw 13 eminent women being feted with Presidential Trailblazers Award. They included Mama Ida Odinga, Prof Phoebe Asiyo, Prof Maria Nzomo, Prof Leah Maragu, Prof Wanjiku Kabira and Dr. Mary Okello among others.
Thursday’s event was the second since the launch of the programme in 2018 by President Uhuru Kenyatta to honor women who excel in different sectors of the Kenyan society. The inaugural programme in 2018 witnessed the conferment of National Honors to 30 eminent women leaders by His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Prof. Kobia commended the Eminent Women for their foresight, struggle and resilience which led to the realization of gender equality and women empowerment. She said that it was from their struggles that women’s rights became recognized as human rights now enshrined in the Kenyan constitution.
Prof. Kobia challenged women in leadership to take the younger women under their wings and mentor them to develop their leadership skills.
“Through mentorship we can mold a capable generation from the youthful population that looks up to us for guidance to whom we can pass the leadership baton,” the Cabinet Secretary said.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma hailed the organizers of the event for bringing three generations together and informed the young women present that they will be included in the ministry’s programmes.
“We sincerely thank the women who came before us for the gains they made and the pace they set for us to take over. Now we will do more to help women in our society and carrier development is part of it,” Juma said.
The cabinet secretary reiterated that it was important to recognize women who have worked exemplary for the country either when they are alive or dead, giving the example of the late Governor Laboso.
Kirinyaga governor Ann Mumbi Waiganjo reemphasized on the need of the women being steadfast on their course to take their positions saying it’s no longer a two thirds representation but a fifty-fifty share.
“We expect the issue of representation to be settled once and for all in the ballot. This will be by merit for we will articulate our issues properly and our capability seen,” Waiganjo said.
She further stated that women are not in rebellion with men but they respect them as partners but they will take their space on the table, for women are a long way to gain equality and this is what we expect.
Mama Ida Odinga urged the young women to arise and take their space in society and not to wait to be lifted.
“Women can occupy all political seats for they are the majority and this can be done if we women lift each other. We should revive the women movement and the young women should be on the fore front,” she said.
“Just like the Late Laboso women should start early for she started back in high school and reciprocated it later in her life,” Mrs. Odinga further stated.
By David Oriku

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