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Governor Mvurya skips date with Kwale Assembly

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya on Wednesday asked for more time to appear before the county assembly where he was to appear to attend an oversight session.
On Friday last week, the county assembly had summoned Mvurya to present himself before the regional assembly to answer to various issues pertaining to county development.
According to the county speaker Sammy Ruwa, Mvurya wrote to the house seeking more time to prepare himself.
Ruwa said the governor had indicated to the members of the assembly to outline specific projects which they want to discuss with him.
“The assembly was expecting the governor to come but unfortunately we received a letter from the county secretary on his behalf requesting some more days to be able to respond to some of the questions raised,” said Ruwa.
The speaker said the summoning was also meant to clarify some of the issues that were circulating on social media regarding the previously approved supplementary budget of Sh 160 million.
Mvurya had proposed the money to be used in buying food for vulnerable households in the face of the coronavirus pandemic but the assembly instead allocated most of the money to health and water departments.
Ruwa denied that there were secret plans to impeach the governor saying that the county representatives were only exercising their constitutional oversight mandate.
He said the law provides an opportunity for the governor to appear before the assembly and explain the implementation and status of county projects whenever he is required to do so.
“We don’t want to get into a war of words with Kwale people, it is not our mandate to engage in petty politics with the public but to uphold and exercise the powers bestowed on us,” he said.
He added that political positions hold a lot of responsibilities and that anyone assuming powers should get ready to face the assembly for scrutiny.
“Whoever occupies the seat of the governor should know at one point they will be called to provide information on county matters,” he added.
Mkongani MCA Ndoro Mweruphe said there was no impeachment motion that was being considered.
He said the assembly might be forced to take stern actions if circumstances arise saying it is too soon to conclude things.
Meanwhile, a committee of seven members led by the deputy speaker Joseph Mulei has been formed to decide on the duration the assembly would give Mvurya to respond to queries raised by the house.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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