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Governor Puts workers at Water Company On Notice

Kisii County Governor James Ongwae has decried low water connectivity
by the local Gusii Water and Sewerage Company saying it was the reason
he was forced to read the riot act to officers responsible for the mess.

Speaking during an event to hand over water storage and hand washing
tanks donated by lake Victoria South Water and Works development
Authority in Kisii today, Governor Ongwae said the connections were
just 17,000 instead of the expected 100,000.

Ongwae noted that poor billing and lack of transparency was derailing
progress of the company saying it currently lacks sustainability.

He also criticized use of dilapidated water networks saying it was
done in 1937 and needs to be replaced for efficiency in service

On sewerage Ongwae said connectivity was poor in the county being only
50% of the requirement.

During the event which was held at the Agricultural Training
Institute, Lake Victoria South Water Services Board Chairman Dan Omino
cited illegal water connections, improper metering and frequent
bursting of pipes as the major cause of losses in revenue collection.

Omino advised the relevant authorities to use modern meters and
improve surveillance to reduce criminal activities and loss of the
scarce commodity through burst pipes.

He called for public participation so that residents can own the
process and see the need to volunteer information to relevant
authorities even as they await completion of Kegati water project
which is supposed to increase water supply from 6,500 cubic meters to
27,000 cubic meters per day, and which is already 96% complete.

County Commissioner Stephen Kihara called for involvement of National
Government Administration Officers saying they were best placed to
offer security in the county because they had structures up to the
village level.

Kihara urged the chiefs to be more vigilant or they will be held
accountable if criminal activities are experienced in their

At least ten tanks were donated being second phase after another 20
tanks by the same company one month ago.

Ongwae remarked that the donation was timely during the covid19
pandemic to help in hygiene matters of the area’s dense population.

By Jane Naitore and Clinton Nyamumbo

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