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Be patient as govt address Kitale Prison land dispute, Wetang’ula

The National Assembly Speaker, Moses Wetang’ula, has called on Trans Nzoia residents to remain calm as the government works to resolve the Kitale Prison land row.

Speaking on Saturday at the Kitale Club, during a consultative meeting with representatives of families facing potential eviction from the disputed land, Wetang’ula said the government will observe the law in settling the matter, adding that those with proper documentation have no reason to be jittery, as no one will push them out of their legally-owned parcels.

Hinting that those without proper documentation may be required to vacate, Wetang’ula said the process will be carried out “soberly and with civility.”

The House Speaker said the time has come to resolve issues surrounding the disputed prison land once and for all and promised that the rights of all parties involved will be respected.

“We urge all relevant authorities to come together and find a lasting solution to the ownership of the disputed Kitale Prison land.

Some of those involved may have proper legal documentation, whereas others may have used illegal means to gain ownership of their pieces of land. What I want to promise is that the government will treat each case differently without favour,” Wetang’ula said.

The government had in the recent past vowed to regain more than 3,000 acres of prison land allegedly grabbed by, among others, some prominent tycoons.

Last week, armed police officers supervised the erection of beacons around the said land, where several homesteads were enclosed.

Sources indicate that the government has earmarked the land for the implementation of the Affordable Housing Project.

Accompanying Wetang’ula were Endebess Legislator Robert Pukose and former Minister Noah Wekesa.

By Isaiah Nayika

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