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Gov’t commended for police housing project

Police in Narok have lauded the Government for the construction of 60 modern police units in Narok town.

Narok North Sub-county Police Commander, Frederick Shiundu, said the police living standards have improved since the officers occupied the new houses in April this year as the houses are self-contained and more secure.

The construction of the police houses was in line with the Government’s Big Four Agenda where, housing is one of the key things the government committed to do before the year 2022.

The 60 unit houses consist of 48 bed-sitters and 12 two-bedroom units complete with up to date amenities to suit the modern times.

“Before, many police officers were housed in old houses that were in deplorable condition while others were renting houses in the market places. However, when the houses were completed, the officers were relieved as they could live in decent condition,” said Shiundu.

The County Police Commander said it has become easy to allocate the officers specific duties because they can be reached out easily when not at the work station.

“Sometime we get emergency jobs that we have to act on immediately; when they live together, it becomes very easy to reach them when an emergency occurs if they are not in their work stations,” said the police boss.

The new houses, he said, offer security to the officers who investigate criminal cases and can easily be traced by the criminals if living in rental houses in the estates.

Caroline Chelagat Rotich, a Police Officer based in Narok lauded the government for giving them decent houses saying the houses are modern, secure and affordable to the officers.

“I feel comfortable leaving my young children behind because I am guaranteed security. In the houses we lived before, the houses were so insecure and on many occasions unknown people would break into the houses and steal all the households,” she said.

The houses were constructed by KOTO Housing Kenya who used industrialized building materials on the walls instead of masonry stones.

Other facilities at the project include: Low level water tank, external car pack and paving around the building.

By Ann Salaton