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Gov’t & development partners to provide relief food

Nobody will die of hunger due to the current drought which has engulfed Ijara Sub County and Garissa County in general, Ijara sub–County Deputy Commissioner Mr. Willy Cheboi has said.

Cheboi while addressing Mashujaa day Thursday said that the government in conjunction with other development partners like World Food Programme, World Vision, Save the Children and Islamic Relief Agency are supporting the government through cash transfer programme to support the hungry residents.

Cheboi called on chiefs and their assistants and village committees to ensure the poor, needy, venerable and people living with disabilities are prioritized in the support interventions.

He appealed to other donor agencies operating in Ijara to share their support proposals and programmes with the Sub County Steering Group (SCSG) to avoid duplication of the programmes and help cover wider and varied support areas.

Cheboi congratulated Coast Development Authority which is constructing a water pan in Handaro area to harness the Gabaya laga which flow to the Indian Ocean.

On the thorny issue of human-wildlife conflicts, KWS warden Mr. Adan Alio disclosed that the government through KWS compensation programme has compensated 85 per cent of people who were either mauled or died due to human wildlife conflict in the area.

He said the other 15 per cent come from other part of the county but advised them to apply for compensation to be forwarded to Nairobi headquarters for funding.

By Mohamed Dahir

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