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Gov’t distributes relief food to Ijara residents

The government has disbursed famine relief food to the needy in Ijara sub County, Garissa County.

Addressing a Sub County Steering Group (SCSG) meeting at Masalani office, Ijara Sub County Deputy County Commissioner Mr Willy Cheboi said the food was meant to feed the poor and needy households in Ijara sub County following long spell of drought.

The sub County administrator said the government brought 200 bags of rice, 360 bags of beans and 100 cartons of corned beef that is strictly meant to feed the needy and poor in 87 centres.

Cheboi said though the rations are not enough but added it’s the first under the current administration and warned chiefs and relief committees at the centre to stick to the guidelines adding that failure to comply and instead favour their kith and kin, they will be sacked without further notice.

The Sub County steering group that used to issue relief food on clan and tribal basis has been stopped forthwith and now committees target the poor and the needy members of the society.

However, the food will be dispatched tomorrow to the 87 centres and specialized boarding schools like Alfurqan Orphanage Centre, Kotile, Hara boarding school and Shurie secondary schools.

The sub county Director of Education Mr Ibrahim Odowa said the ongoing current drought has affected learning in schools and appealed to the SCDSG to allocate more food to schools since there is no school feeding programme due to transition and change of the system.

However, wildlife and human conflict had been increasing in the region following prolonged scarcity of water and pastures due to the long dry spell in sub County and Ijara constituency.

The committee called on non-governmental organisations operating in Ijara sub County to liaise with the government apparatus to work together in assisting the people.

He commended Kenya Red Cross and Save the Children for passing through the committee to avoid duplication.

Various non-governmental organisations like World Food Programme and Unicef are operating under duress.

The meeting was attended by all deputy sub County officers, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims representative Sheikh Ahmed Ali and peace committee treasurer Adan Ismail and all departmental heads among others.

By Mohammed Dahir

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