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Govt empowers women in Etago for economic growth

In a significant move aimed at promoting women’s empowerment and fostering economic development, the government held an event aimed at uplifting women and youths in Etago, Kisii County, targeting 100 women’s groups to provide financial incentives to support their businesses.

During the event, government leaders praised the efforts of establishing county application industrial parks across all 47 counties in the country, which have the potential to revolutionise local economies and create opportunities for entrepreneurial women and youth across the country.

The event was a remarkable platform that encouraged women and youth to come together and form groups that the government would readily finance to bring their innovative business ideas to life.

This initiative seeks to uplift women and youth by providing them with the necessary incentives and support to become successful entrepreneurs, thus boosting the economic growth of the nation as a whole.

Addressing the need for better transportation and infrastructure, National Assembly Chief Whip Silvanus Osoro, who is also the area MP, highlighted the critical importance of the government developing the roads in the area.

He noted that upgraded roads would facilitate the transportation of agricultural products to the market, opening up new opportunities for farmers and contributing to the growth of the agricultural sector in the area.

“There are plans to illuminate the Etago market to encourage longer market hours for traders. Lit streets and markets will enable traders to extend their business hours into the night, thereby increasing their potential income,” Osoro added, noting that the improved lighting would also serve as a security enhancement, providing a safer environment for both traders and locals.

The event culminated in an atmosphere of hope and optimism, as the government’s commitment to empowering women’s groups and stimulating local development was met with enthusiasm and support from the community.

The women and youths of Etago expressed their gratitude for the government’s efforts and vowed to make the most of the opportunities provided to them.

A key demand presented by the Member of the National Assembly for Bomachoge Chache Alfah Miruka during the event was the development of Gucha Hospital.

“Gucha Sub-County Hospital has been overlooked for an extended period. Improved medical facilities would make it easier for residents of the Gucha Sub-County to access essential healthcare services. I am committed to ensuring its upgrade,” said Mirukka. The MP passionately advocated for the elevation of the hospital, emphasising that it would significantly enhance maternal health services and provide a better environment for mothers to deliver their babies safely.

In a show of unity and determination, the residents pledged to maintain peace and harmony despite the ongoing political feuds in the country.

This commitment to peaceful coexistence is seen as a positive step towards ensuring the prosperity and stability of the region, allowing development projects to progress without disruptions.

As the event concluded, it marked a milestone in the journey towards empowering women and supporting the growth of the county, embodying the collective spirit of progress, peace, and development that the people of Kisii County hold dear.

By Misheba Alfred 

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