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Gov’t gives titles to Mwihoko, Ndeiya residents

Security concerns over land feuds in Mwihoko in Ruiru and Ndeiya in Lari Sub- counties, will now be a thing of the past, following the recent issuance of title deeds by the government.

About 1,000 title deeds were issued for Ting’ang’a ‘B’ in Mwihoko and another 5,500 for Ndeiya Settlement Scheme in the exercise launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta early in the week.

The land had been at the centre of family feuds and endless court battles over the years and the exercise now brings to an end to the long suffering that most families have been going through, in efforts to access title deeds for their plots.

The group is among 50,000 land owners from the County, seeking to get title deeds before the end of the year.

Kiambu Governor, Dr. James Nyoro, said the title deeds will be issued to the owners next week.

“We had a lot of problems in Mwihoko because people had put up buildings on plots that did not belong to them, but it was resolved. In Ndeiya Karai, some 25,000 households were settled on the Western Kiambu grazing area, about 20 years ago and ever since, they have been seeking to have title deeds. This is a big relief to them,” said Nyoro during his tour in Juja, Saturday.

The Governor said the processing of the documents was above board and called on leaders not to politicize the process.

He said they are working closely with the National Lands Commission to process 20,000 title deeds of Githunguri Ranching Scheme and others for Umoja, Kiang’ombe, Madharau, and Misri informal settlements in Thika.

At the same time, Nyoro said in two years’ time, they will have issued title deeds for genuine land owners, who will have been left out in the exercise.

“We don’t want people to politicize this titling programme. It was done between the National and the County government, to help people own land,” he said.

A month ago, Nyoro issued over 100 block title deeds to land owners in Misri informal settlement in Thika town.

By Omari Mwinyi and Muoki Charles

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