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Gov’t opens road linking Kitui-Makueni counties

Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) is set construct a new road from  Wikililye in suburbs of Kitui town through – Katulani – Nthwake dam up to Wote Town in Makueni County.

Preparation works including the road mapping, survey, public participation forums for affected land owners, and tendering of project has been done.

Kitui County Commissioner Mbogai Rioba while chairing Kitui County Development Implementation Coordination Committee meeting noted that the 86 kilometer road will connect the two counties headquarters.

“The direct transport link is a break through to traders as well travelers in the two counties unlike now where travelers are driving more than 200 kilometers via either Machakos town or Kibwezi town to access the two counties headquarters,” the committees’ members said as they commended government for new road project.

The county commissioner further said a road contractor has already moved to the site ready to undertake phase one of the project which is divided into three phases.

In phase one, the contractor will tarmac 14 kilometers of the road from Wikililye trading centre to Katulani trading centre and also the headquarters of Katulani Sub County.

The road is joining the Kibwezi – Kitui Road at the Wikililye trading centre which is five kilometers to Kitui town from Kibwezi town.

“Funds for phase one of the road project has been released and date of launching ceremony of the project will be communicated soon,” Mbogai said.

The Committee further deliberated on approved extension road work on upgrading of more 21 kilometers of Kibwezi – Mutomo – Kitui – Kabati – Migwani Road project.

“The extension of the tarmacking of the 21 kilometers from Migrani to Mbondoni trading centre, situated along Nairobi – Mwingi – Garissa road and is meant to join the two roads at the Mbondoni trading centre. The government found it necessary that the Migwani – Mbondoni road section should not be left unpaved, “the county commissioner said.

Following the extension of the upgrading of the Migwani – Mbondoni Road section costing 3.1 billion shillings, has reversed the Kibwezi – Mutomo – Kitui – Kabati – Migwani road contract sum to 21.5 billion shillings from initial 18.4 billion shillings.

The county commissioner observed that the two roads projects that is the Kibwezi – Mutomo – Kitui – Kabati – Migwani – Mbondoni Road and the Wikililye – Katulani – Nthwake dam – Wote road are in line with vision 2030 goals to be achieved.

By Denson Mututo

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