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Gov’t keen to complete mega projects before August poll

The government has shifted its focus to the completion of ongoing massive infrastructure projects before the August 9, 2022 General Election.

Coast Regional Commissioner (RC) John Elung’ata says its ‘race against time’ for the government to complete President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy projects before he exits office in August.

Elung’ata has urged government officials and contractors to work round the clock to finish major development projects related to roads and bridges, education, water, irrigation before the General Election.

Other mega projects to be accelerated and expedited before the polls are energy, railways, public transit systems, ports and airports, power transmission lines and oil pipelines.

The RC spoke when he chaired the Coast Regional Development Implementation and Coordination Committee (RDICC) meeting held at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMFRI).

Elung’ata has also directed County Development Implementation and Coordination Committees chaired by County Commissioners to speed up developmental projects and inform the RDICC about the completed, near-completion and new projects in their respective counties in the weeks ahead.

He said they are keen on expediting the rollout of major infrastructure projects as the country hurtles towards the high stake General Election to ensure robust growth of the economy.

Elung’ata said the RDICC is going to regularly monitor and be extra keen on the progress of mega projects in the region to ensure they are on ‘course and completed on time’.

“We are currently taking stock of all government projects with a view to ensure that the works are expedited and delivered on time and bring value for tax payers,” he said.

He said, “for the projects that will be ongoing by the time of going into the polls we will ensure that their status is captured.”

Elung’ata said infrastructure formed the bulk of investment of the current regime but predicted that there will be more infrastructure projects even after the forthcoming elections.

He said the current leadership sought to boost infrastructure investments across the country for steady economic growth.

Among the ongoing projects include the multibillion shilling Dongo Kundu bypass, Makupa causeway bridge, Mombasa-Jomvu dual carriageway, Mombasa-Mariakani highway roads, Shimoni fishing port, the Sh.40 billion Kipevu oil terminal among other ambitious projects.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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