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Plans underway to create administrative unit in Tharaka Nithi

The National government has commenced a program to pave the way for public participation of residents in the creation of Igambang’ombe Sub County to boost service delivery to the people.

Tharaka Nithi County Commissioner Ms. Beverly Opwora has said that the exercise which will kick off today will be held in different locations, sub locations and divisions to allow residents participate in the exercise.

The county commissioner noted that the program which she dubbed Public Participation Mashinani will enable residents to give their opinion as well as a justification for the new sub-county.

Ms. Opwora explained that a sub-county was a crucial part of development as it enables the government to bring its services closer to the community and stimulate the economy.

“A sub county is important in three ways, it enables the government to bring services closer to the people, it creates employment and it stimulates the economy by bringing development from the national government and other stakeholders to the devolved units,” she said.

She revealed that in 2017 President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Tharaka Nithi to coordinate completion and launch of Tharaka University College and Chiakariga Water Institute among other projects.

The County Commisioner informed that it is then that the residents requested for the creation of Igambang’ombe Sub County.

“According to National government coordination act section 14, the president acting on the mandate you gave him directed Minister for Interior and Coordination to launch the sub county” she added

The county commissioner further explained that they went ahead to make the sub county functional in order to enhance faster delivery of service in the area.

Ms. Opwora disclosed that the Minister of Interior and coordination has the right to set up administrative units where necessary in consultation with the president in order to provide better services to the residents.

“When we are launching any administrative unit, it must be in harmony with the county government unit,” she added.

The County commissioner noted that they will follow the constitution, section 10 and 28 of the  national government coordination act and county government act of 2012 during the creation of the sub county.

“According to section 10 of the national government coordination act the national values and principles of governance include patriotism, national unity, sharing and devolution of power, rule of law, democracy, participation of the people and that of section 28 includes human dignity where every person has inherent dignity and the right to have that dignity respected and protected,” she stated.

By Sharon Gitau

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