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Gov’t to construct a bridge in Handaraku village

The Government will construct a bridge in the Handaraku village to replace the current makeshift wooden bridge constructed by the residents as it risks their lives.

School-going children cross the crocodile-infested River Tana with baited breath daily as the rickety wooden bridge that lacks handrails threatens to collapse any time.

Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata, toured the bridge accompanied by area MP Ali Wario, and promised to ensure a steel bridge is built to replace the current makeshift one.

“We will build a mobile steel bridge to replace the timber one. I have talked with the County Commissioner to get cost estimates to know the width of the bridge as we solicit sponsors in our government agencies. We have KURA, KeNHA, even companies like Safaricom,’’ reiterated Elungata.

This was after residents complained to the Regional Commissioner that their appeals for a permanent bridge had fallen on deaf ears.

“Water levels have increased in River Tana as the rains continue in most parts of the region. We are facing imminent danger as we cross the river, but we have no choice. We have to cross to the other side to get services. When the schools are opened, children and teachers also endure so much challenges,” noted one of the residents, Halima Godana.

By Sadik Hassan

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