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Gov’t to construct Sh100 million Muthithi market

Muthithi market in Kigumo is set to be constructed by the national government after the local traders approved the plans to have it storeyed.

The Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development had drawn a design that would see a one-storey building constructed in the market for a tune of Sh100 million.

In a consultative meeting held by Kigumo Member of Parliament Mr Joseph Munyoro and officials from the national government, the traders demanded that 70 per cent of the labour be sourced locally and construction materials procured from the local outlets.

The market’s chairperson John Wanyoike said traders had realized that upgrading the market was for their own good and would ensure they have a conducive place to undertake their business.

“We will work with the contractor to ensure the project is successful because all the issues we had raised through our MP have been addressed. We cannot let such a project to pass us by,” said Wanyoike

According to Wanyoike, the market attracts over 1,000 traders each week and its upgrade is set to change the face of Kigumo Constituency that is largely rural but with rapidly growing towns.

However, the traders had in October this year rejected plans to have the market upgraded saying they wanted it to remain an open air market.

The traders raised concerns that having a storeyed market would disadvantage some of them because buyers tended to buy items from traders on the ground floor and may not visit stalls located on upper floors of the building.

Some of the traders were of the opinion that the funds allocated for the upgrade should instead be used to provide proper sanitary services and ensure there is a consistent supply of water.

The county government a few years back upgraded the market but the traders felt the upgrade was left incomplete

“Water tanks installed in the facility did not have water and toilets were in a deplorable state, compromising hygiene,” said Wanyoike adding that the sheds installed did not cover the entire market which left a large number of the traders exposed to sun and rain, while the stalls only covered a section of it.

The area MP handed the project over to the contractor for construction works to commence.

The project is expected to create employment for residents and have a major ripple effect in the local economy.

By Anita Omwenga

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