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Grading not an exam-Magoha

The  Education Cabinet Secretary (CS), Prof. George Magoha has clarified that the Grade III assessment expected to start on Monday to Friday next week  will continue until the end of the term.

Speaking  while monitoring pupil’s preparedness in Thika on Friday, Magoha said the assessment was meant to test the pupils’ ability and should not be perceived as an examination.

He  said it  was meant to determine if the child meets, exceeds or fails to meet expectations so that teachers would then focus attention on training where the children have weaknesses.

“From  the outcome, teachers will be able to monitor children’s progress, and focus more attention on their weaknesses. All pupils will then proceed to the next grade. The problem with this country is the love for examinations. This should end as we focus on producing students able and competent in the job markets,” he said.

The  CS  disputed claims that downloading the exams and looking for copies for each pupil would be a challenge, saying the schools only needed to photocopy one exam paper, and then write the tests on the blackboard.

He  told teachers not to worry about expenses of photocopying several papers, adding that students would be assessed from what was written on the blackboard.

“Those claiming that it will be expensive to print the materials are not well informed. The tests can be written on the blackboard and students assessed from there,” he said.

The tests will include Mathematics, English and Swahili.

By  Muoki  Charles



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