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Graduate Trainees Challenged to Pursue Technical Courses to Boost Employability Chances

State Department for Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Principal Secretary Dr. Esther Muoria has challenged graduate trainees to consider pursuing technical courses to increase chances of getting a job.

She said the world of work has been changing with rising demand in the labour market for practical skills other than mere tradition academic training.

Speaking at St Mark Teachers College-Kigari in Embu on Friday during the institution’s 84th graduation where 233 students were awarded diplomas, Muoria said TVET institutions equip learners with necessary employability skills required to ensure productivity in job market.

“What is going to be pertinent for our youth is having a skill for themselves not just general education,” she said, adding that the present world was looking for what one can do and not just the certificate you are holding.

“The employer wants to know what exactly you are coming into the industry to do for instance if you go to the building industry, they want to know what exactly you are competent in be it plumbing, masonry, tiling, painting and so on,” the PS said.

She at the same time urged learners to disassociate themselves from drugs and alcohol, saying it will not only affect their education life, but also future career prospects. “It is not “A” students who excel in life, but those who are disciplined and able to stay from such negative vices,” she said.

The sentiments were echoed by Embu North DCC William Owino who said they had heightened war on drugs and alcoholism in schools through sensitisation campaigns and apprehending culprits.

The College Principal James Muguna requested the Ministry to allow it open a branch of TVET within the institution to remain afloat owing to dwindling enrollment of teacher trainees over the years.

“As a result of poor enrollment, the institution was no longer able to sustain itself for lack of adequate resources and that expanding training opportunities away from the teacher training will definitely reverse the trend,” the principal said.

By Samuel Waititu


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