Graft in the counties


Governance and Leadership experts in Luo Nyanza have accused Senators in the region of being stumbling block to the fight against corruption and misappropriation of public funds meant for development.

The experts led by Tom Nduku said the senators were not genuine in the fight against graft in the counties but instead were being awarded tenders and contracts by the governors to cover up messes in the devolved units.

Speaking to KNA, Nduku accused governors of failing to represent the interests of the public in their respective counties as public funds were being sunk into individuals’ pockets at the expense of development.

Nduku termed senators as a disappointment lot to the residents alleging that some of them were being given hand outs by their governors as pocket money to stop any attempts to raise audit queries against the county bosses.

He said the residents had high hopes when the senate Assembly was established by constitution to champion their interests at the National level but it has become a ghost institution.

At the same time, the experts asked senators to fight corruption in the counties instead of concentrating on the national fight against graft saying that the health and other sectors in the region were dying because of misappropriation of public funds.

By Dan Oduor

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