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Green house establishment not conducive to coastal hot temperatures

Green  houses  are not good for use in the coastal region where hot temperatures are being experienced throughout the year unlike in upcountry areas  where temperatures are cold.

As a result, 14 greenhouses donated by the government through the state department for irrigation to nine community groups three years ago in Kilifi County have not been in use.

The  projects were meant to enhance food production and improve the economic wellbeing of the groups but there was no technical experts from the relevant sectors who could have made their recommendations.

Mtwapa  based Industrial Crops Research Institute (ICRI) acting Director, Ms. Theresia Munga told the County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) meeting at the county commissioner’s boardroom that the projects were implemented in a hurry and without consultation from the relevant sectors.

“A research on green houses in coastal region has established that owing to the hot temperatures, they are not the best for use by the farmers. Most crops planted under greenhouses fail to realize good production,” she said.

She  said as a result, most of the green houses put in each of the nine water pans in the county have gone to waste adding the two green houses were donated by the state department for irrigation after the completion of the nine water pans to benefit community groups in the County.

Reports  presented by Sub County commissioners on the status of the projects established that auxiliaries put along with the pans like fences, toilets and cattle troughs have all been washed away by the floods.

Kadzifitseni, Bamba Kayeri, Jimba, Majajani, Chasimba, Gogoraruhe and Jila water pans were constructed in 2017 and provided with two greenhouses each so that community groups could start minor irrigation farming activities. Mbachi and Mangudho irrigation schemes  were also initiated at the same time but did not benefit from the green house initiative.

The  meeting was also informed that the beneficiaries were not properly sensitized on how they could sustain the projects after the handing over by the  government.

By  Harrison  Yeri

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