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Gucha aims to vaccinate 55,000 residents against Covid-19

Since the onset of Covid-19 vaccination, the government through the ministry of health has been targeting to vaccinate a population of 27,246,033 persons countrywide.

There has been however slow intake of the Covid-19 vaccine with the majority of the populace less concerned about the spread of the disease, some even turning a blind eye and a deaf ear on the need to observe the protocols set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of health (MOH) to curb the spread of the disease.

By 17th July this year, the Ministry of Health reported to have administered 19,093,750 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, with only 32% of adults fully vaccinated.

The slow trend in the intake of the vaccine is worrying especially at this period, where the country is in political campaigns, hence increased public gatherings in political rallies. This would essentially translate to the escalation of spread of the Covid-19 as many voters do not keep distance or wear masks while attending the rallies.

The government has however not back-peddled its fight against the disease. Through the ministry of health and stakeholders such as Nuru Ya Mtoto and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), Gucha sub county hospital held a stakeholder meeting to brainstorm and plan on the best way possible to get people in the area vaccinated.

The undertaking which will run until December this year is targeting a population of about 55,000 people of ages 12 years and above. The children aged between 12years to 15 years will only be vaccinated after their parents or guardians have given consent.

During the meeting it was agreed that 16 teams which have been fully trained on the vaccination procedures will be spread widely across the sub county to facilitate the vaccination process. The teams will comprise four members each, who will be strategically placed at various identified areas that more often experience large gatherings of people for ease of access.

“We have formed sixteen teams of four members each, which will help us achieve our set targets. While some will be strategically placed at specific public joints, others will be mobile to try and facilitate the vaccination services to the vulnerable population such as the handicapped and those who are unable to walk to such places”, said Michael Oyunge the sub county public health officer.

Market places, political rallies, funeral gatherings, church congregations, kazi mtaani surroundings, matatu terminus, boda boda stages are a few identified areas where the teams will operate to offer the vaccination services.

The chiefs have been fully incorporated in the programs in order for smooth running of the exercise. They are required to sensitize people in their jurisdictions to achieve large turnout of the masses.

Elderly people who have fully received their Covid-19 dosage are encouraged to go for booster dosage. The social protection department has also fully been integrated to provide data on the vulnerable population.

By Misheba Alfred

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