Homa Bay Affordable Housing Project Nears Completion

Affordable Housing Counties Editor's Pick Homa-Bay

Residents of Homa Bay have been challenged to embrace and support the implementation of government projects in the county.

The Director,Presidential Delivery Unit Silvance Osele said projects such as affordable housing programme are implemented to benefit the locals and aim at providing solutions to housing crisis in the region.

He said the ongoing affordable housing project will provide the residents with decent houses established in a conducive environment.

The director spoke in Homa Bay town during an impromptu visit at the affordable housing site where he said the project is at 76 per cent, nearing completion.

“We have realised a great progress and from the last time we were here, the project was at 54 per cent but today it is at 76,” he said.

This is the first phase of the project and comprises of 40 two-bedroom houses, 40 one-bedroom units and 30 studios.

The 110 units are expected to be completed and ready for occupancy in about five to six months’ time according to the director.

The former Member of Parliament of Kabondo Kasipul said this is a delay of a month or two and owed it to the current weather condition affecting the construction.

“There was also a delay during the initial stages because of materials which could not be sourced locally,” he added.

The director noted that the project was well on course with only the final floors being done before roofing of the structure.

By Sitna Omar


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