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Women urged to embrace Uwezo Fund for financial empowerment

Elgeyo Marakwet Women Representative Caroline Ngelechei has called on women, youth and people with disabilities borrow loans from the Uwezo Fund for their own empowerment.

The National Government, through the Department of Social Services, has been actively supporting various groups to foster economic independence and sustainable development.

Ngelechei noted that Uwezo Fund, which is geared towards organized and registered groups, has proven to be a catalyst for positive change in the community.

The fund is not only a source of financial support, but also encourages the establishment of Income-Generating Activities (IGAs) and other financial structures with a common goal.

The women representative emphasized that numerous groups within Elgeyo Marakwet have already reaped the benefits of the Fund, and she encouraged more of them to engage with the opportunity.

She added that one distinctive feature of the fund is that those applying for the second time receive double the initial amount, while third-time applicants receive triple the applied amount.

“I say this to encourage our people to access available loans without fear,” said Ngelechei.

With a zero percent interest rate and a generous 6-month grace period, Uwezo Fund aims to make borrowing accessible and less burdensome for beneficiaries.

Ngelechei provided an illustrative example to emphasize the practicality of the fund’s benefits.

“For instance, a registered group can invest in one-week-old chicks. In just six months, through the sale of eggs, the group can commence loan repayment. Similarly, for those cultivating pawpaw flowers, within six months after transplanting, they can bring their produce to the market. With a ready market, beneficiaries can easily repay their loans and enjoy the fruits of their labor,” she explained.

By Rennish Okong’o

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