Gusii legislators vow to protect media

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Legislators from Gusii region have promised to support media professionals in their daily chores and undertakings because they play a very key role in society by ensuring timely updates on what is happening globally.

Nyamira County speaker, Enock Okero while gracing celebrations of World Press Freedom Day by media professionals from Gusii region confirmed that without the media some countries could have been burned up by now, but timely reporting on what is happening assist governments to make prompt interventions and legislations to ensure that people remain peaceful and justly access their rights.

He hailed the strides and progress the media fraternity was making to ensure that their work is recognized and respected by various governments, noting that this was work in progress, before they finally enjoy the full freedom, while undertaking their duties.

“Many a times media professional face a lot of threats, intimidation, harassment, gagging, poor remuneration, assaults or even getting killed.  These challenges make the work of journalists difficult and unenjoyable. It has led to deteriorating mental health and depression of many renowned media practitioners, and caused untimely death,” the county speaker noted.

He stated that he will mobile legislators at the county assemblies of both Kisii and Nyamira to ensure that journalists and accredited media practitioners are given all the necessary support they require including enabling them to access authentic government information to give it to members of the public so that they know what is happening around them.

Ibeno Ward Member of the County Assembly (MCA) from Kisii County, Steve Arika, emphasized on the importance of self-care by the journalists because security will have to start with them, pointing out that there was no story worth their life.

He at the same time commended journalists for the awesome work they were doing to set the daily agenda for discussion and legislation.

“I admire your talents in the various sectors especially in art and sports and encourage you to make them your side hustles, either to generate revenue or help in rejuvenation from the day’s hectic work. Your work is very involving and you will have to look for proper healthy ways for unwinding for you to have a balanced and rewarding life,” Arika advised.

Rigoma Ward MCA from Nyamira, Immanuel Gisesa challenged governments to support local media outlets by giving them advertisements so that the young and upcoming media industry can grow to become main stream as they progress.

He further urged media employers to remunerate their employers decently because they equally have dependents who look upon them to meet their financial needs.

Journalists from Nyamira and Kisii counties dubbed, Gusii scribes, participated in a peaceful walk, participated in various sporting activities at Rigoma play grounds and enjoyed a meal together to mark the World Press Freedom Day themed ‘shaping a future of rights: A driver for all other human rights.’

By Deborah Bochere


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