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Head-Teachers Asked To Build Classrooms Or Be Demoted

Maralal, Wednesday, February 14, 2018 KNA

Headteachers of primary schools with few classrooms in Samburu County have been told to seek funds for expansion or be demoted.

Pupils at Lukuruto ECD centre in Samburu central Sub-County where head-teachers have been asked to seek funds for expansion of schools with few classrooms or be demoted. Photo by Robert Githu



Samburu Deputy County Commissioner Tobias Okoth noted that some schools in Samburu had only three classrooms years after they were established.

He said the schools were started through harambees by parents in their localities to save their children from walking long distances but over time they have become “feeder schools.”

“They were started with three or four classrooms to hold class one, two and three but the headteachers who manage them have failed to expand up to class eight,” he said.

The DCC said parents have been frustrated since their original intention of shortening the home to school distance has not been met.

“When the children reach class three, parents are forced to transfer them to far off schools while some opt to drop out and herd cattle,” he noted.

Okoth demanded to see more classrooms in such schools by January 2019 failure to which the headteachers will be transfered to work under someone else.

He told the head-teachers there were many ways to get funding for expansion such as CDF, county government and even writing proposals to NGOs and other well-wishers.

“Do not wait for government or politicians to come and build classrooms, be proactive and seek for funds,” he advised.




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