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Health care is key to my administration, says MCA

The newly elected Member of County Assembly for Njia ward Ali Mwenda has assured the residents that health and water would be his two pillars amidst other development issues.

Mwenda who is a trained clinical officer expressed his commitment in ensuring the wellbeing of the residents by safeguarding good health care and accessible clean water.

“You can’t lead people whose health is not good neither have access to a clean and affordable water,” he ascertained.

Mwenda said he would lobby for modern equipment with the aim of equipping dispensaries and also ensure there was adequate medicine as well as health personnel to address health issues not only by treating the residents but also offering counselling services especially this time when there are rampant mental health cases.

He maintained that this could be achieved through collaborating with the rest of the leaders including area Member of Parliament, Woman Representative and the Governor.

Mwenda added that he would lobby from his friends and donor to ensure the area has enough boreholes to satisfy the residents with enough water for domestic use.

“We will equally reclaim water catchment areas which have been invaded with blue gum (eucalyptus) like the case of Kantheleo water catchment and Mporoko water catchment which are almost at verge of drying up due to eucalyptus plantation,” Mwenda added.

He further said he would engage environmental expert to guide him on preservation of those water catchment not only for sustainability of ecosystem but also for existence of mankind who need adequate clean water.

By Kamanja Maeria

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