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Heart diseases increasing among young people

An Aga Khan Hospital Cardiologist Dr Mohammed Salim has expressed concerns following an increased case of heart and blood pressure diseases by people under the age of 40 in Mombasa County.

A Mombasa resident gets her vital signs checked by medical practitioners during the ‘World Heart Day’ commemoration at the Makadara grounds, Mombasa. Photo by Andrew Hinga

Salim said that young people have recently been diagnosed with symptoms of heart problems such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and diabetes.

Salim requested people of Mombasa to change their lifestyle which he said contributes a lot to getting high levels of coronary artery complications.

“We have diagnosed a 27-year-old with a high blood pressure of 170. This is something of concern because unlike 20 years back, its older people who mostly suffered from heart complications,” he said.

Salim said although there is no definite age to experience a heart attack, the kind of a lifestyle choice you make, diet plans, your workout routines and how you manage your stress level can influence your probability of suffering from cardiac diseases.

According to the Cardiologist the prevalence of high blood pressure and sugar in coastal areas is because of the eating of sugary, salty and oily foods with no working out culture.

“Heart diseases are so much in our community. There is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle can curb cardiovascular diseases and also lower the risk of developing other chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and hyperglycemia. Routine exercising and a proper diet play a vital role in keeping illness at bay. However, considering the high number of young cardiac patients who are more aware and informed, there is more than what meets the eye,” said Salim.

He added that these problems are preventable if taken care of but only if Mombasa residents will embrace the culture of jogging or walking instead of taking convenient transport of tuktuk and matatus. Those walking are forced by circumstances.

The cardiologist noted that, at its worst, heart diseases can affect the functioning of the brain, legs and heart arteries. It also causes strokes and heart attacks.

Salim was speaking during the official celebrations of World Heart Day at Makadara Grounds in Mombasa County. The Aga Khan hospital hosted a free medical heart camp for the people of Mombasa.

By Chari Suche

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