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High Court Judge sets pace for vaccination

Justice Justus Bwonwong’a has been vaccinated against Covid-19 setting pace for all other judicial officers and staff to go for the jab.

Justice Bwonwong’a who suspended a few minutes of high court sittings at the Kapenguria Law Courts to partake in the exercise, urged his colleagues to follow suit and get vaccinated for their own good.

Accompanied with the Kapenguria chief court administrator Samuel Okodoi among other court staff, he received the jab today at the Kapenguria County Referral Hospital.

Speaking to KNA after being inoculated in the morning, the Judge dispelled fears going around urging Kenyans to refrain from spreading unverified information about the vaccine.

            Justice Bwonwong’a said he had made the decision to get vaccinated since he is convinced the jab is safe. “I need the vaccine because I am within the age bracket mentioned as the most vulnerable in case of Covid-19 infection,” said the judge.

The judge made a clarion call to members of public to have the vaccine when called upon to do so.

On his part, Okodoi said they have encouraged their members of staff to show up for the vaccine since they are among those offering essential services and come in contact with huge numbers of people and physical documents in their course of duty.

He however maintained that no judicial officer or staff will be forced to get the vaccine since the exercise is voluntary.

Justice Bwonwong’a encouraged the media fraternity to play a leading role in creating awareness regarding Covid-19 vaccinations and help in debunking falsehoods regarding the jab.

Over 10 judicial officers and staff at the Kapenguria Law Courts have so far been vaccinated against Covid-19.

By Anthony Melly and Felix Kipsang

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