High court ruling on BBI draws mixed reactions

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The High court ruling yesterday declaring the BBI referendum process illegal has elicited mixed reactions among leaders and opinion shapers in Nyeri County.


While the opponents of the initiative welcomed the ruling claiming the intention and the process was fraud, the proponents insist there was no cause for alarm and that the whole process that had entered the homestretch awaiting referendum vote will pick up pace again.


Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua who was a critic of the amendment bill saluted the judges for “protecting the constitution and liberating the people of Kenya from state capture.”


In a statement released on his social media accounts, the MP said the process and the intention was fraud from the word go and was meant to serve personal interests and had nothing to do with the people of Kenya.


Rigathi claimed the promoters of the BBI were so determined to achieve selfish objectives that they threw caution to the wind by disregarding constitutional provisions.


He said the five judge bench ruling had underscored that there was no room for impunity in this country.


“It is a warning shot to those disobeying court orders and those being misused by the Executive to commit illegalities.” Rigathi said.


He continued, “I am excited that we still have an independent Judiciary in a country where all other institutions serve under the mercy and direction of the executive.”


The MP called on the Government to henceforth re-focus on the Big 4 Agenda and the revival of the economy in the remaining 13 months to put money in the pockets of wananchi.


On the other hand, Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu who is a supporter of the imitative, said there was nothing to worry about the court ruling as the decision will soon be appealed and overturned.


“Yesterday’s decision will only make this weekend a very active one politically,” said the MP.


Ngunjiri continued that the initiative enjoyed abundant support if the overwhelming support it received in the County Assemblies, National Assembly and the Senate was anything to go by.


“BBI has not stopped moving forward and in the next few days we will learn exactly what the judges were trying to do and what they hoped to achieve,” the MP said.


He assured that the ruling will be overturned and the country will have a referendum and BBI will pass.

By Samuel Waititu

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