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Hippo kills 60 year man in Magarini

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers have confirmed that a 60-year old man was attacked and killed by a hippopotamus in Magarini Sub county.
Speaking to the press on telephone Tuesday,  Malindi and Magarini KWS senior warden Jane Gitau said that the victim , Charo Kilulu Kombo was attacked when he went to check on his goats at their shed on Monday night.
The warden said Kombo, a resident of Bate in Magarini sub-county, had heard disturbing sounds coming from the goats shed that forced him to go out and check on them, only to be attacked by the hippo.
“The hippo was coming from the nearby River Galana, and was passing through Kombo’s homestead when it killed the old man,” said Gitau..
Magarini location chief Katana Shilingi revealed that a total of five goats and three cows from different parts of Magarini were reported to have been killed by hippos in the recent past .
Shilingi said, “hippos in Magarini especially at Kadzifitseni and Kagombani are becoming uncontrollable contributing to insecurity in the area.”
By violet nzale/Simon Guruba

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