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Homa Bay county executive members take oath of office

Homa Bay County Executive Committee members were sworn in on Monday to commence work in their respective dockets.

The swearing-in ceremony which was presided over by Justice Julius Nyang’iya, came almost two weeks after the 10 CECs underwent a two-day vetting by the County Assembly Committee on Appointments following their nomination by Governor Gladys Wanga.

Speaking during the ceremony, which took place at the governor’s office, Wanga congratulated the CECs on their appointments and for having passed the vetting process while at the same time thanking the outgoing CECs for their dedicated service to the county.

The governor said that the appointed CECs were capable and added she was certain that they will deliver to the best of their abilities to the people of Homa Bay.

The Deputy Governor, Joseph Oyugi Magwanga who was appointed as the CEC in the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, said that residents were yearning for quality services and was hopeful that the executive members will be able to address all the issues affecting the people.

“To the incoming CECs, the people of Homa Bay are in need of health services, good infrastructure, water, quality education, commerce and trade and ease of doing business in a conducive environment.

The people of this county require food on the table and money in their pockets and you have been identified for this noble task. We are looking forward to seeing these services reaching the people,” said Magwanga.

He said that the CECs have an enormous task ahead of them, which they must undertake to satisfactory levels, adding that they should strive to empower the people to ensure development of the region.

On their part, the CECs thanked the county administration for the appointment, promising to work hand in hand with the government in ensuring they deliver and serve the people of Homa Bay with diligence.

However, Dr. Peter Onyango Ogola, the new CEC for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development warned cartels to shun grabbing of land from innocent residents, while urging them to return the lands, which have not been acquired procedurally.

“I am requesting the cartels who might have grabbed public land somewhere, please return the same before we come for you,” he said.

Other CECs who took the oath of office included Roselyne Omolo (Public Health and Medical Services), Martin Opere (Education, Human Capital Development and Vocational Training), Dr. John Agili (Blue Economy, Fisheries, Mining, and Digital Economy) and Grace Mercy Atieno Osewe (Governance, Administration Communication, and Devolution).

Others who were sworn in included Sarah Atieno Malit (Department of Gender Equality and Inclusivity, Youth, Sports, Talent Development, Cultural Heritage and Social Services), Polycarp Okombo (Trade, Industry, Tourism, Co-operative Development and Marketing), Dr. Joash Aloo (Water, Sanitation, Irrigation, Environment, Energy and Climate Change), Solomon Okello (Finance and Economic Planning), Danish Onyango (Roads, Public Works, Transport and Infrastructure) and Martin Opere ( Education, Human Capital Development and Vocational Training).

By Otieno Angela and Sitna Omar


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