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Homa Bay County short of oxygen amid surging Covid-19 cases

Homa Bay County Referral Hospital has run short of oxygen supply and space for treatment of Covid-19 patients amidst the surging number of patients infected with the virus in the County.

The Hospital’s oxygen supply has run out at a time when the Hospital is in need of the precious gas because of the high number of admissions of Covid-19 patients who are in dire need of oxygen supply.

Together with lack of oxygen supply, the County Hospital’s High Dependency Unit is also flooded with Covid patients seeking medical care rendering the facility’s accommodation capacity incapable of accommodating more patients.

This situation has forced the Department of Health to improvise tents in order to accommodate patients and at the same time transferring other patients to other Covid-19 centers in different Sub-counties in the County.

Homa Bay Chief Executive (CEC) Member for Health, Prof. Richard Muga, said because of the high number of patients in need of oxygen, the generator which fills the oxygen cylinders developed hitches hence unable to refill the cylinders.

While addressing journalists, Muga revealed that they had sent their ambulance to collect gas cylinders in Kisumu and Nyamira counties as a stop gap to rescue the situation.

The CECM called upon the residents to take personal responsibility of protecting themselves from Covid-19 infection as the virus continues to spread in the region.

By yesterday, the County had 706 cases of Covid 19 infections while 44 people have succumbed to the virus since its outbreak in March last year.

By Sitna Omar

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