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Homa Bay Governor leads residents in a clean-up exercise

Homa Bay Governor, Gladys Wanga launched a cleaning programme meant to create awareness among residents on the importance of having a clean environment.

The programme which commenced in Homa Bay town, is set to be rolled out in other towns within the county and will be carried out once every month.

The exercise involved sweeping, unblocking multiple drainage systems and collection of garbage at the bus stop and the main market in the town centre.

She was accompanied by Deputy Governor Joseph Oyugi Magwanga and other county leaders including the Speaker of the County Assembly Julius Gaya, MCA of Homa Bay Town Ward, Monoflorita Ondiek, and Tony Otheo, Arujo Ward MCA.

Wanga said their participation in the whole process was to show that it was the responsibility of everyone to ensure they lived in a clean environment irrespective of their status.

The county boss said that they would come up with by-laws that will help in dealing with the people responsible for careless disposal of solid wastes.

“Anybody found throwing litter all over would be subjected to penalties in form of fines,” she said.

“This move is meant to compel those with the intention of derailing these efforts to think twice before littering irresponsibly whereas the administration has already provided skips that should be used for that purpose,” Wanga added.

She however asked the residents to support the initiative of ensuring a waste-free county by taking the responsibility of cleaning their immediate surroundings.

Magwanga reiterated Wanga’s sentiments saying that the residents will only be in good health if their surroundings are clean.

On the issue of animal defecation in market areas, the Deputy Governor challenged traders to avoid dumping waste on the ground which tend to attract cows and instead use the bins provided.

The Deputy Governor also cautioned residents living around the pier to avoid throwing waste into the lake, saying such an act will lead to water contamination which will in turn predispose them to health related issues.

“Throwing wastes in the lake will contaminate the water which will endanger the lives of fish and other creatures in the water as well as your lives,” he emphasized.

The leader further urged residents to work in cooperation with the government to safeguard the environment.

By Nicholas Otieno and Sitna Omar

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