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Homa Bay Sand harvesting Put on Hold Over Covid 19

Homa-Bay County has suspended sand harvesting activities in the county to prevent possible spread of coronavirus.
While announcing the ban today, Homa Bay County Secretary Isaiah Ogwe said those involved in sand harvesting were not observing social distancing rule.
He added that sand harvesting puts the lives of the residents at risk of contracting coronavirus.
“Sand harvesting leads to crowding and interaction of many residents with those who trade in the business. There is exchange of money a situation that predisposes residents to risks of contracting covid-19,” Ogwe said.
The County Secretary told the residents to keep off the economic activity until the ban is lifted.
County Executive Member for Water and Environment Dickson Nyawinda who accompanied the County Secretary said anybody caught violating the ban will be arrested and charged.
“Any violation of the sand harvesting order will make one part with a fine of not less than Sh1million or a two year jail term,” he added.
The County Executive Member for Finance Nicholas K’Oriko who was also present said his department had stopped collecting revenue from sand harvesting.
“Finance department has withdrawn officers charged with collecting revenue from sand harvesting.
The activity is now outlawed in the County,” K’Oriko said.
Ogwe said the ban will be enforced with immediate effect. The county secretary said they are liaising with the county Commissioner David Kipkemei to enhance enforcement of the order.
“We’re collaborating with national government so that security officials can start enforcing the ban,” Ogwe said.
He directed that all sub county administrators in the areas where sand harvesting is done to work closely with security officials for effective implementation of the order.
Harvesting of sand is rampant in Karachuonyo especially in Wang’chieng ward of Karachuonyo constituency.
Ogwe also announced that the county government had also created an account that will be used for collecting funds to support the fight against the virus.
By Davis Langat.

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